Read the Daily 10 Hot Crypto News to Stay Updated with the Market.

1. Nipsey Hussle Fatal Shooting Is a Blow to Rap Music and to Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin Price Posts Biggest Quarterly Gain Since Late 2017.

3. Di Maio Bets on the Blockchain, Says Italy Must Allow Innovation to Proliferate.

4. The US SEC Is Hiring a ‘Crypto Specialist’ Legal Advisor.

5. A Brief Guide on how to Create Lightning Network Invoices.

6. Bitcoin Hits 5-Week High as SEC Postpones ETF.

7. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Futures Volumes Top $150 Million at Kraken Exchange.

8. Ripple XRP Price Prediction for April: Can It Rise by 26% To Hit the Target of $0.40?

9. Privacy Service for XMR-Enabled Bitcoin Transfers Removes Support for US Residents.

10. This New Android Malware Targets 32 Crypto and 100 Bank Apps – Here’s How Not to Get Hacked.

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