How to use signals on Bitmex.

There are some rules/tips which you need to follow while using signals on Bitmex:
a. Never allocate more than 10% of your total equity for each trade.

b. Modify the entry to odd numbers, if they are in even numbers.

c. Make the profit on targets and make targets odd numbers if even.

d. Start with low leverage. Once Target 1 has been hit and you moved your stop loss to entry, you can go even 100x – it does not matter, as long as you have a stop market order in place.

e. You can never say which trade is safe, so you have to take all trade as a safe trade. Safety can only come from how you handle your account by your money management.

f. Even if you are en experienced trader or beginner, you will need some expert advice and that’s what we provide, we are known to provide consistent profits to our members and they make daily profits, there’s no fee to visit us and check out our quality signals –

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This is how you can buy Bitcoin on Binance

If you wish to buy Bitcoin on Binance, then you’ll need to create an account on Binance. Binance is the most famous Cryptocurrency in the world and widely used, because of it’s extensive selection of Altcoins, which continues to grow with frequent additions. You can withdraw 2 BTC per day without any verification, it’s also supports mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

You can get started by purchasing some BTC on Binance with a credit or debit card if you don’t own any Cryptocurrency yet.

The most convenient cryptocurrency to deposit if you want to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) is Ethereum. Once your purchase is complete, you can also use the Bitcoin you bought for trading with a big selection of other coins.
Now if you want to make a deposit, head to the navigation bar at the top, click Funds – Deposits. Search for ETH for Ethereum and select it. The website will provide you with a deposit address for the cryptocurrency you selected. The address will be alpha numeric and all lowercase. Copy the address and go to your wallet of choice. Send the amount you wish to deposit to the address you copied. The process won’t be instant, it will take upto an hour for the funds to show up on your Binance account.

If you wish to check your balance, go to Funds – Balances in the navigation bar at the top of the website. Now Exchange – Basic, if you want to place an order. Let’s assume you’ve deposited Ethereum, On the top right corner, select BTC and search for ETH, which is the ticker for Ethereum. The ETH/BTC trading pair should appear.

You can only buy BTC by placing a sell order for ETH. In this case, you will be selling your ETH for obtaining BTC.
That’s how you buy Bitcoin on Binance.

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How do you deposit on Binance.

If you are confused or don’t know how to deposit on Binance, then here is the quick guide for it.

Head to the main page of Binance and login with your credentials. Then on the top right you’ll see Funds – Deposits Withdrawals – Deposit – Copy the deposit address or scan the deposit QR code.

Please input this as the withdrawal address on other exchanges or the destination address for the wallet you are sending from.

If you are using Bitfinex as an example, paste Binance’s BTC deposit address found above into Bitfinex’s BTC withdrawal address field, along with the withdrawal amount.

Go back to Binance’s Official Website if you want to check the status of your deposit, Click Funds – History – History – Click the “Check” after the Txid address.

So, that’s how you deposit on Binance.

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Basic Guideline to Gain Profit in Bitcoin Trading

There have been arguments about what exactly bitcoin is, whether a currency or a commodity?

With all that debate been taken into consideration it has been generalized that Bitcoin is both currency as well as commodity it creates an opportunity for investors to make a profit by trading the Cryptocurrency, either as a long term investment or in a speculative short term pattern.

What is Bitcoin trading?

Bashir Aminu, Bitcoin trader and convener of online crypto group Cryptogene, defines the basic Bitcoin trading process as follows:
“If you buy Bitcoins at one price and then sell them for a higher price, you make a profit of the difference between those two prices, less any commission that you paid. However, if the price goes down, you will be in the uncomfortable position of having to either sell them at a loss or hold and hope the price goes back up while risking higher and higher losses if the price continues to drop.”

There are two major types of traders in the Bitcoin market, they are ‘long term’ traders and ‘short term’ traders. Each of these group of traders are classified by how long they may wish to hold onto a given position of trade.

Long term traders are usually involved in studying price trends over long periods of time. Whereas, on the other hand, short-term traders analyze the intraday behavior of Bitcoin price and seek to take advantage of the swings in price.

“Bitcoin is certainly safer to invest in now than it was a couple of years ago”, says Aminu.

Trading rules

Based on his trading experience, Aminu gives an outline on set of rules for newcomers:
• Your capital should be broken into smaller lots for multiple positions at different price levels.
• Do not invest your life savings or money that may change your life drastically in the event of a loss.
• Take full advantage of available technology in order to gain maximum profit
• Understanding the market is a continuous process and requires a lot of time, concentration and effort. It is very crucial to do research and be up to date with current trends.
• Know when to cash in. It is important to stay focused, unemotional and professional.
• Traders should keep in mind that losing, just as much as winning, is an integral part of trading.

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Here is why Bitcoin Price got Majorly Increased.

Since it’s December 2017 peak, the most popular digital Currency (Bitcoin) lose over 80% of its value. On Thursday, Bitcoin price fell below $3,400. However, Cryptocurrency investors had some relief last week.

Rising towards the $3,650 mark on Sunday, Bitcoin prices have risen and maintained over the weekend, which is a promising sign as compare to it’s 2017 rally, when it’s value increased nowhere from $1,000 to almost $20,000. However, investors should not expect too much too soon, according to Nigel Green, chief executive of financial consultancy firm deVere Group.

Nigel Green also mentioned ‘It was a relatively sudden jump, and, of course, positive news for those currently holding Bitcoin. However, the price only reached the top of the trading range and investors should not be popping champagne corks just yet.’

The Bitcoin price is increasing and decreasing tremendously in a matter of hours, as a result of small Crypto events and similar forces were likely to thank for last week’s sudden rally, according to Nigel Green.
There are some great news for Bitcoin traders, Nigel Green Stated ‘First, there are widely published reports that according to a leaked interview with a commissioner, a Bitcoin ETF could imminently secure approval from the US securities watchdog.’

A bitcoin exchange-traded fund and a publicly-traded investment fund, will possibly one day be approved, as per Robert Jackson Jr, a commissioner at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
It’s not only Bitcoin that will be impacted from such future events, with other Cryptocurrency prices so closely linked to Bitcoin, other currency such as Ethereum and Ripple can also expect to get the rewards of Bitcoin’s future success.

Nigel Green concluded, ‘Bitcoin is the flagship Cryptocurrency and, as such, we can expect when its values climb, it will drive prices of other major digital currencies such as Ethereum and XRP.’

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