The top 10 Hot Crypto News Updated Daily for you to know the Market Situations.

1. TRON announces collaboration with Japanese government to maintain regulation standards.

2. Coinbase declares XRP most suited cryptocurrency to send money internationally.

3. China Adoption Blossoms as the Largest Shipping Conglomerate Is About to Implement Blockchain for Its Supply Chain.

4. Ripple (XRP) In a 4 Cents Range Since Dec, When Will Bulls Break Out?

5. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, TRON: Price Analysis April 1.

6. Pakistani Government Set to Introduce Regulations for Cryptocurrencies.

7. The US SEC Is Hiring a ‘Crypto Specialist’ Legal Advisor.

8. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Futures Volumes Top $150 Million at Kraken Exchange.

9. Ripple XRP Price Prediction for April: Can It Rise by 26% To Hit the Target of $0.40?

10. With Litecoin Halving On the Horizon, Hash Rate Nears All-Time High.

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Why Bitcoin JUMPED!

It is Finally happening, Bitcoin debt the price of all seems to indicate flat lining vertically got it now the bull is a conspiratorial animal and things like this are never of a natural occurrence ever neither up nor down it’s always some tether manipulation of some sort today it is most definitely because of the bad Briggs.

The government once again failed to reach consensus, after it went through resistance bang. The three key resistance levels were smashed 42 44 45 and not just for Bitcoin but Etherium over a $150 again, XRP isn’t on much difference, 450 litecoin well over $60, Finance coin is 19 bucks and Tether is a penny over a dollar, about Cardno it is almost 8, these peaks almost confuse sellers where they should put their sell orders.

Shorter’s of Bitcoin that bet the wrong way $400 million dollars lost getting liquidated in the last six hours, taking a look at what happened within 30 minutes Bitcoin jumped almost 20% to hit resistance at differing price levels. Now it depends on what exchange you saw sometimes you would have seen Bitcoin heading over 5k but generally the Aggregate a price that Bitcoin hit resistance at was for 800 for 830 someone for 850.

Many of us would like to have seen the old resistance lines be the resistance again which would learn about $6,000 sadly that’s not been the case however the good news is that this is pointing to a very positive and recent trend which is Bitcoin posting higher highs and higher lows where will it go now? to be honest no one is quite sure.

The idea of buying crypto at a peak being the point of maximum financial risk has proven to be far less true than it has been in a very long time, you don’t want to buy in if it’s a silly jump in price but so far it’s been a great idea you think you’re buying the top but nope that’s not always the case.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update

Lyft IPO at $72 valuing the company at $24 billion dollars. the way the capital is forming is changing public and private markets. a lot of companies are staying private for longer and that STO space is going to hopefully break down these barriers to entry because often it’s the rich getting richer. it’s all these VCS that get to get in these deals early and by the time these companies hit the stock market they’re just ridiculous valuations particularly in the tech space.

Apple after selling iPhone’s and iPad’s move into another industry that’s highly profitable that is finance and banking now they’ve partnered with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. This new card is going to track every purchase you make in GPS.

The International Monetary Fund and the BIS coming out an warning that emerging markets are going to be crushed in the next financial crisis just like consumers they’re under way too much debt a lot that’s denominated in U.S. dollars they’re not going to be able to pay that off and they come out and say that they the IMF don’t have sufficient lending capacity to respond so each crisis has kind of got bigger and further up the food chain and went to the point where all the central banks are going to be have to be bailed out in the next downturn.

funfair have launched the first license title so Alice Cooper school’s out for summer this is their first blockchain game first licensed they have got the goods assist now all about on boarding users and that funfair tokens going to have a lot of utility if this starts to take off.

Japan’s largest railway company considers new crypto payment system for transport cards and this was tweeted out by Kwan stamp that got people really excited and also which has directly nothing to do with Quan Stamp they do have a strong Japanese presence and obviously a lot of pool in the Japanese crypto community but either way good to see more adoption of these sort of payment systems and we’re seeing all sorts of varieties.

If you’re a Ripple holder, Indian Bank partners with ripple net to facilitate cross-border payments whether or not this is using the XRP token that remains to be seen and that’s still that number one thing. About Pro projects they’re going to come back into fashion this new because they’ve been so busy building and you can now use queue to them anywhere by using Apple pay and Samsung pay.

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Bitcoin and Altcoins are popping up like the charts was to be seen in January 2018. Especially when you look at current charts it’s like an exact replica of how it had been back then in 2018.

There are a 10 to 15% swings a day, Altcoins like Etherium hits $1500 again.

Other Altcoins such as, Elastos did rise up to 30% in 24 hours with current time. Tezos another Altcoin which is picking up pace, is up 17% in the past 24 hours’.

Starge is up by 17% in 24 hours, BiteBox by 12%, Walton by 10%, Loom again by 10%, NULS has elevated 15% in the past 24 hours and the uplifting list goes on and on.

The hot coin that’s taking a surge up is Expire it has seen to rise 15% since past 24 hours and it seems to be rising so forth.

The market is on the verge to experience bull for sure and that is going to stay as it is or even rise in the coming month of 2019.

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The three cheap yet hot crypto currencies believed to perform very well in q2 of 2019


Project EXPIRE have been working very hard to break out the price range that they are stuck in. It was being asked to be
removed from an exchange.

EXPIRE is looking at launching STO or if not working with STO in some kind of way. EXPIRE as a company actually makes money then it’s market cap currently is which is quite surprise for 99% of our blockchain companies that have never accepted a real-world payment. They are in the FNX voting competition when they list on FNX they get a lift on BitFenix and it makes them look a lot better in the eyes of many other exchanges because they will be listed on a legitimate exchange.

They’ve got a very high chance of being listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange during q2 of this year also they have got a very experienced team. EXPIRE recently acquired a company that had developed a Chroma app that will allow cryptocurrency to real money purchases on the Internet yet this is quite an undervalued project.


They are kind of like the twitch of cryptocurrency it is a platform that allows people to post content on HOWDOO in a way that it sends a ship free it is virtually censorship free and a platform that is very good for creators it’s currency kind of works very similar to twitch bits but HOWDOO token works pretty much exactly the same.

HOWDOO launches on the 29th of April 2019. HOWDOO’s current market cap is only $1.3 million this is a very small market company has quite good get potential for gains this is a company that plans to have 24 million users by the end of the year each user spending $1 on the token that’s 24 million dollars’ worth of tokens have been sold market cap now of $1.3 million you’d imagine that to be considerably more.


It is a really good solid looking project that looks to have some very good potential for gains however the price of it is up quite a lot recently. The company is a DAG, the difference between DAG’s and blockchain is DAGs are a faster more reliable way of scaling a chain.

Phantom is first project with DAG and also includes smart contracts retracing at some point considering how much profit has been made off within the past few weeks on how much the talk and value has increased over the past few weeks that people know and understand what phantom is rather than actually go out and buy the token at the moment because currently bought chain is not being utilized in the way that it should be is you literally just being used for pump and dump.

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The Daily Top 10 News from Crypto Market that keeps you Updated about the Market Conditions.

1. Facebook’s Blockchain Hiring Spree Continues with 5 New Postings.


2. Android Malware Targets Users of 32 Crypto Apps, Including Coinbase, BitPay.


3. Russia’s Richest Man Proposes to Develop a Palladium-backed Cryptocurrency.


4. Coinbase launches new institutional staking service starting with Tezos.


5. Forbes: JPMorgan Seeks More Crypto Experts Than Other Wall Street Company.


6. Bitmain’s Jihan Wu: ASICs Are Making Ethereum Mining More Decentralized.


7. Bitrefill Launches Cryptocurrency Payment Options for Airbnb Gift Cards.


8. Coinbase Leads Wall Street to Brave New World of Crypto Staking.


9. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Talks Competition with Ethereum and Tron.


10. Breaking: SBI Announces New 13 Leading Banks to Join Ripple XRP Powered MoneyTap App.

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How does Bitmex make money offering leverages?

BitMEX makes money offering leverage by charging a flat % fee on the [notional] value of the trades. The order ‘Takers’ pay 0.025%. by offering 100x leverage, the value of the orders is increased and therefore, the amount of fees charged and collected also increases.

0.025% is a small amount as fee – so they have to offer leverage to increase the volume traded, otherwise there would be little or no profit.

Also Bitmex traders trade against each other not against the exchange. Moreover, BitMEX created a reserve fund to ensure that all traders are properly paid even if they trade with 100x leverage. Basically they profit from the trading fees that they receive.

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$100 TRILLION Crypto Market Cap Possible!?

Bitcoin dominance is up to 50.7% we’ve seen it steadily declining and declining and going down and down and all of a sudden today it’s up point two percent. Tether is at 0.3 percent you look at another stable coin USD coin is up 1.05 percent


why is this happening?

well the truth is, when investors get worried about a potential incoming dump. Bitcoin most likely will get hit the least hard or just dollars or Maximum coin up another 36% bitshares or 17% it falls like that. It pretty much happens to any coin that gets listed its price discovery and a lot of times it’s usually just box buying like little percentages kind of pushing the price down.


Brad said, Launchpad program by Nance is an absolute disaster it’s not only bad for people that are looking to invest but it’s terrible for the company that is part of the program, it’s a bad project- investors get greedy once they get profit they dump.


Glancing at the Bitcoin chart noticed that it is getting closer and closer to the end. Volume is still dropping off on Bitcoin Altcoins like aetherium started rallying, when aetherium had its pump that sort of started on December 17th it had peaked all the way roughly 20%
about Bitcoin what did it do? well Bitcoin had the exact same move although it didn’t have as much


Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes he said that he was predicting Bitcoin would be peaking 10,000 by the end of 2019.


The Central Bank of Ireland on Friday stated, “Central banks today are not seeing the value of venturing into the unknown when it comes to issuing a central bank digital currency as such could bring fundamental changes to both financial stability and the monetary system.”

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Various Altcoins that are Giving Tough to Bitcoin in 2019.

In capitalization range, there are plenty of cryptocurrencies which have did better than Bitcoin since past90 days. In this group, there are 36 cryptos which have performed better than Bitcoin in 2019, which at writing time stands at around $4,070, up about 6% from its early January levels around $3,840.


The first crypto by market cap has been performing much like a group of tokens composed by Nano, Bytecoin, OmiseGO, Decred or Lisk, all of which have increased their market caps in between 6 and 10%.
There are projects which have outperformed Bitcoin from more than 10% and less than 20%. Aeternity, NEO, TRON, Monero, Dash and Qtum are the components of this pack.

Things start to speed up as we get closer to the top of the classification of tokens which have outperformed Bitcoin in 2019. There are 12 coins with a current market cap over $100 million that have fared better than Bitcoin by a 20 to 60%, namely Chainlink, Maker, Basic Attention Token, Pundi X, EOS, ICON, VeChain, Bytom, Komodo, Tezos, BitShares, Cardano, and DigiByte.

The top of the pyramid is taken by the few projects which are heavy to their investor´s bags. With some of them doubling their prices in a matter of three months, it is no wonder why some are already calling for a complete alt season. The top 12 coins are Enjin, ABBC, Chain, Ravencoin, THETA, Binance Coin, Holo, Huobi Token, Ontology, Litecoin, Augur and Steem.

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The Future and Institutional Interest in Crypto

Last week, the Cboe avail traders not to renew its futures contracts on bitcoin as a sign that expectations of institutional interest in crypto assets were misplaced.

If a significant venue like the Cboe doesn’t bring their money and legitimacy into the market who would, where is the much-needed liquidity going to come from?

The CME bigger than the Cboe Futures Exchange, and in commoditized markets, size matters. Brokers would sensibly prefer to trade on a platform where they already have connectivity. Also, settlement methods are important, since they determine a position’s profitability.

The removal of this product is dubious to make a noticeable impact on trading strategies. Volumes were low, and since the CME has stated its intention to continue offering its version, those that used the Cboe can relatively easily switch to the more liquid contract.


As even a cursory glance at CoinDesk’s headlines will reveal, the shift is happening, in both elusive and clear ways. The technology is progressing, regulators are working hard to figure out the right tactic, and investors of all types are learning and experimenting.

This progress is steady, but it is gradually building the base for an acceleration. To steal a phrase from Hemingway, the involvement of institutional investors in crypto assets will happen “gradually, then suddenly.” As almost all profound changes do.

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