This 10 Crypto news are Trending in the Market

1. Security Alert: Malicious Malware Detected in Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading Software.

2. Matrix AI Network Are Building the Most Advanced Blockchain to Support AI Growth [Exclusive]

3. CoinMarketCap Crypto Indices Launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Reuters.

4. CBOE pulls plug on bitcoin futures, more upside ahead?

5. Galaxy Capital-Backed Caspian to Offer Crypto Derivatives Trading.

6. Bitcoin Hash Rate Growth Pushes BTC over $4,000, Binance and ‘Swiss Amazon’ Give a Hand Too.

7. Bitcoin Creeps Out of The Bear Market (Rapid Fire Chart Analysis).

8. Bitcoin Struggles to Pass Key Price Resistance Over $4K.

9. Polymath, Series One Team Up to Simplify Security Token Issuance.

10. Bitcoin’s Highest Hash Rate in 4 Months Supports Growing Optimism.

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